WIA - What is architecture?







DONALD BATES, LAB ARCHITECTURE STUDIO: "Architecture is the ordering of space."  (Venice, 2014, EN)  

BEN VAN BERKEL, UNSTUDIO: "Architecture can do more than only emphasizing its autonomy."  (Amsterdam, 2014, EN) 

JACKILIN HAH BLOOM, PITA & BLOOM: “Architecture is the design of things. It’s not confined to buildings or projects.“ (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)

OANA BOGDAN, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK: "Finding the balance between running a business and doing what we actually like: creating a support for life."  (Brussels, 2014, EN)

VERA BÜHLMANN, ATTP: “Architecture is an art of articulation but in a rhetorical sense.” (Vienna, 2019, EN)


PAUL CHEMETOV: "L'architecture c'est la transformation des choses. Donc du monde et donc des hommes."  (Venice, 2014, FR)    

EMANUEL CHRIST, CHRIST & GANTENBEIN: "Architecture is the physical frame for life — at first…".  (Basel, 2014, EN)

KEES CHRISTIAANSE, KCAP: "Architecture is the translation of a program into material form."  (Zurich, 2014, EN)

ALESSANDRA CIANCHETTA, AWP: "Architecture is what enables human action, it's like a background, something visible and invisible."  (Paris, 2016, EN)

MARJAN COLLETTI: "Architektur ist die Kultur der Kommunikation."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE)

PETER COOK, ARCHIGRAM & CRAB STUDIO: "Architecture is a way of thinking about life.” (Venice, 2014, EN)


ODILE DECQ: "It’s an discipline which helps people to live."  (Luxembourg, 2015, EN)

HERNAN DIAZ ALONSO, HDA-X: "Architecture is a genius solution to a non-existing problem."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN)

DAN DORELL, STUDIO DORELL: "Architecture is the materialization of a cultural moment in a specific place."  (Paris, 2016, EN)

MAX DUDLER: "In der Architektur muss man sich an verschiedenen Themen abarbeiten, wie etwa die Auseinandersetzung mit der Geschichte vor Ort und dessen Transformation in die Zukunft."  (Vienna, 2017, DE)


DIETMAR EBERLE, BE BAUMSCHLAGER EBERLE: "Architecture is to find the most specific materialistic solution, with the most general value."  (Lustenau, 2014, EN)


LUIS FERNÁNDEZ-GALIANO, ARQUITECTURA VIVA: "I tend to feel that architecture is the combination of the old Vitruvian qualities of firmitas, utilitas, venustas."  (Madrid, 2016, EN)

GÜNTHER FEUERSTEIN: "Architektur ist ein schöpferischer Vorgang."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE)

PASCAL FLAMMER: "Architecture is, what you want architecture to be."  (Balsthal, 2014, EN)

YONA FRIEDMAN: "Architecture, buildings without people are ruins." (Vienna, 2018, EN)


JEAN DE GASTINES, JDG ARCHITECTES: "L'architecture c'est avant tout une discipline qui permet d'ordonner les choses et de leur donner un sens."  (Paris, 2016, FR) 

KERSTEN GEERS, OFFICE KGDVS: "Architecture is itself — in the most simple ways."  (Brussels, 2014, EN) 

MATTEO GHIDONI, SALOTTOBUONO: "Architecture is a common, shared knowledge."  (Venice, 2014, EN) 

LINA GHOTMEH, LINA GHOTMEH - ARCHITECTURE: "Architecture is the capacity of asking: What is architecture?"  (Paris, 2016, EN) 

VOLKER GIENCKE, GIENCKE & COMPANY: "Für die ärmsten Menschen die beste Architektur bauen."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE) 


PETER HAIMERL, PETER HAIMERL . ARCHITEKTUR: „Architektur ist die Umsetzung von virtuellen Gedanken in gebaute Räume.“ (Munich, 2018, DE)

SIMON HARTMANN, HHF ARCHITECTS: "Architecture means that you live out of architecture and not only for architecture."  (Basel, 2014, EN)

HERMAN HERTZBERGER, AHH: “Architecture should make the world accessible to the people - not only in the physical also in the spiritual way.“ (Vienna, 2019, EN)

MOON HOON: "Architecture is not definitve — it can be anything."  (Innsbruck, 2015, EN) 


SAM JACOB, FAT ARCHITECTURE: "Architecture is the act of making the world that we live in."  (Venice, 2014, EN) 

MARKUS JATSCH, MARTHA SCHWARTZ PARTNERS: "Architecture is the production of space."  (Innsbruck, 2015, EN) 


KLAUS KADA, KADAWITTFELDARCHITEKTUR: "Architektur ist ein Zustand."  (Innsbruck, 2014, DE) 

ULRIKA KARLSSON, BRRUM: "Architecture, for me, is a culture practice that engages the built environment."  (Innsbruck, 2015, EN)

JEFFREY KIPNIS: "It's a success!"  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

LARS KRÜCKEBERG, GRAFT: "Architecture starts where buildings stop, it's where new possibilities are explored."  (Berlin, 2016, EN) 

PERRY KULPER: "All pink objects in the world..."  (Innsbruck, 2015, EN) 


LARS LERUP: "Architecture is enigmatic. It's a moving subject that changes all the time."  (Innsbruck, 2014, EN) 

BART LOOTSMA: "Architecture is to change what you expect from it."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

GREG LYNN, FORM: "It's bringing into physical form the values of a culture."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 


SIMONA MALVEZZI, KUEHN MALVEZZI: "Architecture is something you cannot avoid, sooner or later you will need it."  (Berlin, 2017, EN)

ELENA MANFERDINI, ATELIER MANFERDINI: “Architecture creates a background for any kind of human activity.“ (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)

VOLKWIN MARG, GMP: "Architektur ist fast die älteste aller Künste, abgesehen vom Trommeln und Singen."  (Berlin, 2017, DE) 

STEFANO DE MARTINO, LORMAMARTI: "Architektur ist wie ambient music."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE) 

JÜRGEN MAYER H.: "Architecture is a great adventure into the unknown, it is a speculation about the future of our built environment."  (Berlin, 2017, EN) 


PHILIPPE NATHAN, 2001: "Architecture is a selection of mental disorders."  (Differdange, 2014, EN) 

ANH-LINH NGO, ARCH+: "Architecture is one of the most complex archives of cultural values."  (Berlin, 2016, EN) 


GUSTAV PEICHL: „Architektur ist die Summe aus Form, Funktion und Material.“ (Vienna, 2018, DE)

PHILIP NORMAN PETERSON, HOLZER KOBLER: "Architecture is an obsession that I have had since the time I was six years old."  (Berlin, 2017, EN)

FLORENCIA PITA, PITA & BLOOM: “Architecture is the design of things. It’s not confined to buildings or projects.“  (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)

DAVID PORTER: "In the end we all know what architecture is, when we see it."  (Beijing, 2014, EN) 

WOLF PRIX, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU: "Architecture is YES!"  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 


ALI RAHIM, C-A-P: "Architecture is about elegance."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

HANI RASHID, ASYMPTOTE ARCHITECTURE: “Architecture is a symbiotic relationship between technology and art.” (Vienna, 2019, EN)

CARLO RATTI, CARLO RATTI ASSOCIATI: "Architecture is redesigning the interface between us and the outside environment."  (Venice, 2014, EN) 

THOMAS RAYNAUD, THOMAS RAYNAUD ARCHITECTES: "Architecture is probably the ambition to decompose literally the world into small pieces."  (Paris, 2016, EN) 

MARTIN REIN—CANO, TOPOTEK1: "Architecture has to do with the image we have of ourself and the social and psychological status of our society. "  (Innsbruck, 2015, EN) 

JACOB VAN RIJS, MVRDV: "Good architecture is not something you can put in words, but only in rooms, volumes and voids."  (Rotterdam, 2014, EN) 

ENRIC RUIZ GELI, CLOUD 9: "Architecture is about particles."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

DAVID RUY, RUY+KLEIN: "Architecture is about individual responses to what is the world."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 


MATTHIAS SAUERBRUCH, SAUERBRUCH HUTTON: "Architecture forms the horizon of our existence."  (Berlin, 2017, EN) 

EDA SCHAUR: "Lebensräume für Menschen und mit Menschen."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE)

KAROLIN SCHMIDBAUR, LINE OF: “Architecture is that part of the built environment that has the ability to influence our lives and the development of society.” (Vienna, 2018, EN)

CAROLE SCHMIT, POLARIS: "Architecture is about keeping suprise alive."  (Luxembourg, 2013, EN) 

PATRIK SCHUMACHER, ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS: "Das Ordnen von gesellschaftlicher Kommunikation durch Raumgestaltung."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE) 

DAVID SERERO, SERERO ARCHITECTES: "Architecture is the sum of matter and information."  (Paris, 2016, EN) 

DAVID VAN SEVEREN, OFFICE KGDVS: "Architecture is a project and for that it needs to be made."  (Brussels, 2014, EN) 

THEODORE SPYROPOULOS, MINIMAFORMS: "Architecture is a way of asking questions."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 


KJETIL THORSEN, SNØHETTA: "Architecture to make people aware of themselves in the world."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

JAKOB TIGGES, MILA: "Architecture can create joy."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

KLAUS TRAGBAR: "Architektur ist das Schaffen von Raum an einem konkreten Ort."  (Innsbruck, 2013, DE) 

PETER TRUMMER: "Architecture is a knowledge of forms."  (Innsbruck, 2013, EN) 

YOSHIHARU TSUKAMOTO, ATELIER BOW-WOW: "Our proposal for architecture is a new generation of old typologies."  (Venice, 2014, EN) 


FRANCOIS VALENTINY, VALENTINY HVP ARCHITECTS: "Architektur ist eine wunderbare Art und Weise sich von den eigenen Problemen zu verabschiedenen und sich um die Probleme der anderen Menschen zu kümmern."  (Schengen, 2014, DE) 

LEO VAN BROECK, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK: "Architects have the tendency to regard it as a solution for problems."  (Brussels, 2014, EN) 

NATHALIE DE VRIES, MVRDV: "Good architecture is not something you can put in words, but only in rooms, volumes and voids."  (Rotterdam, 2014, EN) 


TOBIAS WALLISSER, LAVA: "Architecture is a tool that allows to create new possibilities."  (Berlin, 2017, EN) 

THOMAS WILLEMEIT, GRAFT: "Architecture starts where buildings stop, it's where new possibilities are explored."  (Berlin, 2016, EN)

TOM WISCOMBE, TOM WISCOMBE ARCHITECTURE: "Architecture is one of the best ways of prompting people to think about how the world could be other than what it is. Other than the kind of everyday reality that we are constantly bombarded by."  (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)


MA YANSONG, MAD ARCHITECTS: "Architecture is seamless continued life."  (Beijing, 2015, EN)

LIAM YOUNG, TOMORROW'S THOUGHTS TODAY: “Architecture is the assemblage and design of stories in space.”  (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)

MICHAEL YOUNG, YOUNG & AYATA: "Architecture is the discipline that speculates on the real through the possibilities of our build constructions."  (Innsbruck, 2014, EN) 


ANDREW ZAGOZAGO ARCHITECTURE: “Architecture is not design. It’s a sort of the armature into which you can place design objects.“ (Los Angeles, 2018, EN)

CINO ZUCCHI, CZA CINO ZUCCHI ARCHITETTI: "Architecture is like a pop song, we hear in the back of a bar — something which is the beloved backdrop of our life."  (Luxembourg, 2015, EN)